Why the facilitators course

Leadership skills are necessary when facilitating in a group setting. The Facilitator Course with assist with leader guides youth in the experiential learning process, works with the group members to be involved, helps with the decision making process and uses hands-on learning activities. Facilitators invite participants to share feedback and voice their concerns, moving them to become invested in the online discussion. A skilled facilitator is like the sails of a ship. They guide the team onboard where they need to go, with no objective other than to lead the…

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Facilitators course online

Facilitators course online ABOUT THIS COURSE TRAINYOUCAN (ETDP SETA) Accredited Training Network and its members is committed to follow all the ETQA requirements as stipulated by SAQA.  Facilitators course online Train the Trainer Training Course also known as Facilitator Training is aimed to accredit you as the Trainer or Facilitator to be SETA certified that is also nationally and internationally recognised by most countries. During the Train the Trainer Training Course or Facilitator Training individuals will deal with OBE and adult learning principles. Train the Trainer Training course or Facilitator Course…

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